My passion to sneaker started with the classic Nike Air Max 1, a very typical model for someone who is going to be addicted to sneaker. Soon, I started to collect sneaker en masse, as I am passionate for the aestehtic, colorway, silhouette and overall shape of sneakers.

As the sneaker game has changed drastically and a new generation is jumping into an obsession, purchasing sneaker became a really pain in the neck. Camping in front of retailers, just buying just to resell it many times over the retail price, that unfortunately is a massive problem in today's sneaker community. 

Deadstock is a term within this community used to say that a pair of sneakers has never been worn which makes them even more valuable. My illustration of Deadstock is criticism on that movement. Only the value is of interest, all the aesthertical parts become obsolet.

Deadstock is a unique illustration which was developed in collaboration with famous spanish illustrator Lawerta.

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